Is Your Child Suffering From Bedwetting? Get Instant Solution Via Pix Health

Is Your Child Suffering From Bedwetting? Get Instant Solution Via Pix Health

Bedwetting is medically, named Enuresis or nocturnal enuresis. This is commonly found among children, but disturb and frustrate a family. It is not only embarrassment for kids but also cause upset and disrupted sleep. Truly, family gets frustrated due to the bedwetting of their child or children, a child is not to blame for it.

Now the question is how to come out of this bedwetting problem as early as possible.

Well, see a GP or paediatrician if your child is 5 years old and older and is regularly bedwetting.

See a doctor if the habit of your child’s bedbetting is triggering stress and upsetness.

See a doctor if there is a sudden bedwetting with your child who has been dry by night for 6 months or more.

See a paediatrician if your child is showing symptoms with bedwetting including abdominal pain, fevers, excessive thirst, weight loss, constipation, urinary symptoms by day such as frequent urination and sense of burning while passing urine, urgency.

See a GP or paediatrician if there is a behavioral issue or learning disability with your child.

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November 19, 2019