Want Instant Doctor Consultation? Pick Your Phone Now To Get Yourself Consulted

Want Instant Doctor Consultation? Pick Your Phone Now To Get Yourself Consulted

Phone is one of the most important devices today. Without it, our life seems to have come to a standstill, for it helps you do a lot of your daily chores. Moreover, just as it is being adorned with new features and functionality, living without it is also become harder.

The forte of a smartphone today is that you can use it to complete multiple tasks of your daily life.

Did you ever think that one day it would help you connect with your choice of doctor, right at the comfort of your home?

Yes, phone today is not just necessity, rather it work as your best tool to connect with your choice of doctor.

However, this is only possible just after the inception and adoption of telemedicine that has completely revolutionized the healthcare industry by bringing a doctor of your choice in your bedroom. But this revolution has not just benefitted one medical provider, rather today, there is a number of virtual platforms that have doctors registered with the platforms. One such virtual platform carving a niche in the medical care and consultation is none other than Pix Health, which has a plenty of board certified and registered medical providers from America’s top rated medical institutions.

Whether you want to consult about your medical problems or the medical condition of any of your housebound patients who is unable to visit a doctor in-person, all you need is to pick your phone, download its app, register with it, create a secure and start using the e-healthcare platform to consult about your any medical problems.

Best of all, the virtual platform is also perfect to seek instant healthcare solution within 24 hours.

Some minor injuries and ailments the medical care platform can treat and diagnose include:

  • Medical care – allergies & asthma, infections, skin problems, injuries and many others.
  • Therapy – mental health, relationships, self-control, social factors, and many other

Best of all, there is no need to pay any hidden costs, fees, or co-pays excepting $9.99 a month.


So, no matter when and where you encounter a medical emergency, be at home, at office or anywhere while enjoying your vacation, the Online Medical Consultation platform connects you to a doctor as per your medical case via phone, tablet or computer.

August 13, 2019