Video Doctor Consultation – An Ideal Virtual Way To Consult Face-To-Face With Your Doctor

Video Doctor Consultation – An Ideal Virtual Way To Consult Face-To-Face With Your Doctor

Consulting with a doctor via video online is getting huge impetus with each passing day.

This connects a doctor with a patient and let you share your medical condition with him/her.

This practice of being seen and treated is all the rage now, and a large number of people around the world are now adopting it seeing its ease of use and convenience.

However, ever since telemedicine has gained impetus in the healthcare industry, its significance has increased to great extent. Today, the virtual platform acts as a bridge between a doctor and a patient. In this article, we will talk about the virtual platform that you can use to do video doctor consultation from anywhere and anytime.

But before that, let me know a few questions from you.

Are you the one who too suffer from minor medical emergency at the odd hours of day and night?

Do you have a patient who is shut-in or housebound and has suddenly faced medical emergency?

Is any of your minor medical issue keeping you awake and restless throughout the night?

Do you keep awake at night due to some or other medical emergency in your home or office?

If you say yes to all above questions, then avail of the Pix Health’s Video Doctor Consultation service.

This service generally relates to online video calling and chatting. Using this service, now a patient can have video consultation with his/her doctor and share with him/her the medical case.

This is a face-to-face meet wherein a doctor can thoroughly review your medical case and treat it then and there if it is treatable, if not, he/she may suggest you the best way or suggest you to see him/her in his/her clinic. This facility of video consultation not only saves you time and dime without the need to drive to your office.

Whether you are suffering from minor medical problem or have sustained a mild abrasion, or brushes, you can just register with the Pix Health website and get instant consultation from your choice of medical provider, from anywhere and anytime.

Some of the medical conditions you can consult for over this virtual platform include cancer, spine disorders, transplants, joint replacement cases, complex pediatric disorders, certain neurologic disorders, genetic disease, liver disorders and more.

How to get started with Pix Health

To start with Pix Health, you must register with the platform and create a secure amount to become its member.

If you are a new to this platform, you need to pay.99¢ for the initial one month membership.

And when your first month ends, you can choose any of the two plans priced at either $9.99 or $19.99.

August 1, 2019