Is Your Kid Suffering From Glue Ear? Consult With Your Doctor Now Via Pix Health

Is Your Kid Suffering From Glue Ear? Consult With Your Doctor Now Via Pix Health

Glue Ear is caused when the middle ear of your child gets filled with sticky fluid rather than air.

It affects around 80% of kids and primarily affects children ranging from 2 to 5 years of age.

Though children can recover from this problem over time, if not treated on time, it can cause reduced hearing, discomforts and speech problems, and even require surgical treatment with ventilation tubes (grommets), that’s truly tough for your kid.

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How does an ENT diagnose & treat Glue Ear issues?

While diagnosing your problem of Glue Ear, the ENT specialist first checks if there is any a history of repeated ear infection, which causes speech or hearing issues, a recent head cold, or earache. The doctor will first look into your child’s ear and thoroughly check its eardrums. The doctor may also resort to a hearing test

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November 26, 2019