Suffering From Herpes? Get Instant Online Doctor Treatment Via Pix Health

Suffering From Herpes? Get Instant Online Doctor Treatment Via Pix Health

HSV-1 and HSV-2 are two key types of herpes. Not only does its infection affect your external genitalia, mucosal surfaces but other parts of your body’s skin, as well. 

Where the HSV-1 infections cause lesions, or cold sores, around your mouth, the HSV-2 infections give rise to genital sores. Moreover, where HSV-1 spreads through sharing cups and kissing your partner, the HSV-2 infection transmits sexually. 

Some of its symptoms are pain in and around vagina and penis, one experiences while urinating and involving in the sexual activity with your female or male partner. 

Since both types of herpes are extremely contagious, it must be treated online, and if left uncured, it can erupt again owing to another infection, fever, physical trauma or emotional stress. 

However, there are many types of treatments ranging from home remedies to certain medications; you can also choose to go with the option of Online Doctor Treatment

By getting yourself registered with virtual platform like Pix Health, you cannot only get instant online doctor appointment for your herpes treatment; you can get yourself prescribed the best possible medication right from your home or office’s comfort. 

Are you suffering from herpes? If yes, then instead of seeking and waiting to schedule a doctor’s appointment in-person, simply create your account with Pix Health (virtual platform) to speak with one of the best physicians registered with Pix Health and ask questions, receive recommendations, and necessary prescription.

Based on your symptoms, physicians registered with Pix Health will recommend you antiviral medications, if your herpes is recurring, the doctor will prescribe you  a topical antiviral that will help in improving your symptoms and give you instant relief.

Or, you can have a bath in salted water, use petroleum jelly onto the affected area, wash hands, apply ice packs and refrain from sexual activity until its symptoms subside.

November 6, 2019